SNL Shows the Future of Advertising

This article was the best I could find on the topic, but I wanted to get something out there about this topic. A lot of the speakers at NATPE this year talked about a desperate need to rethink traditional advertising to counteract people skipping ads with their DVRs. Saturday Night Live used characters and scenarios from a reoccurring sketch last night to advertise for Pepsi. I stopped fast forwarding through commercials when the MacGruber commercial started because I thought SNL was back on. The noticble lack of audience laughter and the over the top product placement let me know that I was actually watching an ad, but not until the 30 second spot was done. Sneaky! Depending on how well the ad did we could be seeing a lot more of these kinds of advertisement in the coming months.

MacGruber Shills For Pepsi


2 Responses to SNL Shows the Future of Advertising

  1. Jessica Kerman says:

    I’m not sure this was the best character to start the trend with. Maybe they should have gone with someone more traditional like the ‘Da Bears’ guys or the Blues Brothers or something.

  2. mbethun1 says:

    I agree that the character isn’t largely known, but the sketches play like a commercial anyway, in length and appearance. So they do a good job of tricking SNL fans…or maybe just me.

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