Facebook flashmob shuts down station

LONDON, England (CNN) — Thousands of dancers jammed a major London train station in a Facebook-driven “flashmob” mimicking an advertisement for a phone company.

Thousands of people attended Friday's silent disco.

Thousands of people attended Friday’s silent disco.

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And the event last Friday evening was so successful that another is planned for next Friday in Trafalgar Square in central London. Plus, a group has been set up to organize another one at Liverpool Street Station a week later.


2 Responses to Facebook flashmob shuts down station

  1. jfkerman says:

    That’s amazing! I wish something like that would happen here.

  2. stevefulton says:

    We had a good pillow fight at the scramble light last year… I am sure we could have some success with a dance as well! Lets give it a shot!

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