Broadway wrapup

Realizing that most readers of this blog don’t care nearly as much about live theater as I do, I’ve decided to roll several theater related posts into one.

Star Wars – the musical

I suppose it was bound to happen, as George Lucas’ reputation for selling out proceeds him, but I’m actually holding out hope for this project. It seems like it will essentially be an interactive concert, and with a few special effects and live dancers/actors could be decent. On the other hand…

Spiderman the musical

Not only is it directed by my lifelong nemesis, Julie Tamor, (She doesn’t know she’s my nemesis yet, but she will),I just can’t see Peter Parker singing, nor invison a way in which that can realisticlly pull off the nessecary special effects, like web slinging.

Shrek the musical

So Ben Brantly says it’s not bad, but I have to question any creative decision to bring the story to stage.

This is just a reminder that while musicals seem to be swinging back into fashion in the film world, in stage world, everything seems a little stagnate.Where is the next Chicago, Dreamgirls, or Sweeny Todd going to come from if it doesn’t first have the oppotunity to make it as a play?


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