Amazon Kindle for iPhone now available

The Amazon Kindle is now available for iPhone. No real advance notice in this one other than the slides that Amazon used during the Kindle 2 press conference indicating that the ebook reader would be available on other mobile devices. I set it up on my iPhone in under 30 seconds. Downloaded a book from my library (you cannot purchase books via iPhone)
in another 30. Was reading away in under 1.5 minutes. So far as I can tell you are unable to download any subscription items (magazines, newspapers, blogs). There’s also no “pinch zoom” – if you need to re-size fonts you’ll have to select from one of several pre-set layouts. I find it a bit freakish to have to put in my whole account just to read books. Amazon needs a separate Kindle account user name and password. Other than that – the app is free. If you own an iPhone but held off on buying a Kindle due to the hardware price – this is a good way to experience eBook reading without the expense of buying a Kindle.
by Wayne Schulz


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