SXSW presents awards to top Web sites

Here’s a list of the winners for the best Web sites in 2009…

Activism: Tweet Congress
: Addictionary
Art: Things I have learned in My Life, So Far
Blog: The Bygone Bureau
Business: JasMax
CSS: Project Miso
Classic: Flickr
Community: Lost Zombies
Educational Resource: The Cycle
Experimental: We Tell Stories
Film/TV: Hulu
Games: Why So Serious
Mobile: Gigotron
Motion Graphics: NVIDIA Speak Visual
Music: James Zabiela
Personal Portfolio: Ali Felski
Student: Modernity Spirit of Experimentation
Technical Achievement: Aviary
People’s Choice: Lost Zombies
Best of Show: We Tell Stories

To see all of the finalists, click here. To enter into the contest, the sites had to be launched or completely redesigned in 2008. (The classic category is the exception to this rule.)

So far this year, the interactive talks have been at least interesting. They highlight some of them on their Web site.


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