Austrailian blacklist revealed on Wikileaks

WikiLeaks exposed 2,395 Web pages that were on a blacklist the Australian government was considering on using to permanently filter the Internet. According to Wired, not all of the sites were offensive, but most were.

WikiLeaks exposed a secret blacklist of web pages the Australian government reportedly is considering permanently filtering from the internet.

The disclosure highlights growing threats to an open internet from public and private entities.

Beyond the obvious online censorship in China, Russia, Thailand and elsewhere, the Recording Industry Association of America is seeking to ban copyright scofflaws from the internet altogether. In the United States and abroad, governments and Hollywood are moving to shutter BitTorrent tracking services like The Pirate Bay, whose four founders are awaiting a verdict in their criminal copyright infringement trial.

The federal government in Australia wants to force all ISPs to use the list to censor the internet for everyone. It’s allegedly the same list that vendors of filtering software get from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.


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