World’s first color e-book reader ships April 20

The world’s first color E-book will go on sale soon. Fujistu‘s FLEPia will be available in Japan on April 20. According to FastCompany:

The FLEPia is a full sunlight-visible e-ink device, capable of displaying greyscale and color imagery (with 260,000 colors) on its 8-inch touchscreen, which has 1024 x 768-pixel resolution. There’s an SD memory card slot, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and it can run for 40 hours from a single charge. It runs Windows CE 5.0, so it can be used for reading e-books, browsing the web, emailing, reading Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, PDFs, TXT files, and JPEG imagery–that means it can also be set into digital picture frame mode.

However FastCompany and Wired recognize two major drawbacks to the device— the price and the speed. The cost of the device will start out at ¥99,750 which is around $1,000.

For that you get some pretty cool technology (from Wired):

The reader has a an 8″ screen which displays 260,000 colors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (b and g), a mini USB port and, most important of all, a touch screen (although it comes with a stylus so we expect that it is a resistive touch screen, not capacitive like the iPhone.)

This is completed by a soft, on-screen keyboard (just like the Kindle should have) and a battery life of 40 hours (continuos use — Fujitsu says 2400 page turns). Books are stored on an SD card and can be bought from the online bookstore Papyless.

Curiously, the Flepia seems to be a kind of tablet/e-book hybrid. Along with the book reading software, the device comes loaded with Windows CE 5, meaning support for e-mail, spreadsheets, web browsing and the like

However, FastCompany and Wired both complain about the speed (from FastCompany):

Waiting nearly two seconds for the FLEPia to change its display is almost certainly going to get tiresome. Think about reading a physical book–flipping a page takes a fraction of a second to grab it, flip it, hold the book in place and track your eyes to the top of the new page. That’s a far cry from the FLEPia’s performance. And when in web or email-viewing modes it’ll be really annoying. The 1.8 second time is also just for 64 colors, since it rises to 8 seconds for the full 260,000 color range.


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  1. Macと愛猫 says:

    [iPhone]Wired Frameとか…

    昨日、非iPhoneユーザから、iPhoneで何かおもしろいアプリないの?と聞かれた。 そういうときのために用意していたスネークなどのアプリをさらっと紹介しておいたが、今本当におもしろ…

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