Kid-Safe Facebook?

According to Babble – Now entering the growing market of social networking sites aimed at making parents feel like their kids are safe, safe, safe: Kidswirl. Clearly modeled on Facebook, Kidswirl won’t fool your older child but might help you keep your younger kids (say, under 11) from figuring out about the real thing. It’s hard to figure out, though, what the real differences are. The interface is a complete lift from Facebook — unless they have prior legal permission, I’d bet it’s likely they’ll be sued soon. But the site’s PR wants to assure you that it’s, like, a zillion times less potentially offensive and dangerous:

The number one priority of the site is KID SAFETY! As a result, we have blocked all bad language, inappropriate and suggestive phrases, and any other word usage that is requested by the parents and users. 


One Response to Kid-Safe Facebook?

  1. Rox1SMF says:

    Still up, so FB must be ok with it – right on the front “FACEBOOK connects you…”

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