NHL has first “Tweetup”

The National Hockey League became the latest corporation to use Twitter to organize fans/followers. The NHL used Twitter to organize a series of parties to celebrate the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The parties were organized in 23 cities across the U.S. and Canada. The turnouts ranged from very popular, 350 people showed up in Regina, Saskatchewan, to unpopular, only ten showed up in Edmonton, Alberta (although, to their credit, the Oilers missed the playoffs).

This follows a larger trend that seems to have picked up a lot of steam with the Obama campaign of corporations jumping on the social networking bandwagon to advertise events, and gather people together.

I think it makes a lot of sense for the NHL. Although they remain the least popular in the US among the four major professional sports leagues, studies show that their viewers are actually the most tech savvy. The NHL has already updated its website to market to a more “tech savvy” fan, it only makes sense to start using social networking as a next step.


One Response to NHL has first “Tweetup”

  1. 1hockeychics says:

    I know. I’ve got great pics of the tweetup. http://www.chicshockey.com

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