Social Networking in Iraq

From nine technology executives are on a U.S. Department of State led trip to Iraq to show Iraqis how to use existing social networking options. The largest hindrance to Iraqis using services such as Twitter and Facebook are that only 5% of homes have internet access. Internet cafes can be quite popular in the cities, so the 5% doesn’t imply that the other 95% of households don’t have any access to the internet, but still it is a very low number. Raanan Bar-Cohen, one of the nine executives, said that optimistic reports show 60% of Iraqi homes could have broadband access in 18-24 months.

Apart from internet cafes, cells phones and SMS usage is quite high.

“There is also a ton of SMS (short message service) usage here, which is encouraging as it may provide an alternative means of interacting with certain services as Iraqis wait for internet broadband (to) develop,” Bar-Cohen wrote.

Twitterers can follow along with the trip by searching “.IraqTech”


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