Facebook apps for charity

It’s probably because I’m one of the people who just clicks “ignore” whenever I’m sent a request to add a Facebook app, but I wasn’t aware that some of the apps are actually sponsored by charities with the advertising revenue going to help organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the Humane Society of the United States. The application “(‘Lil) Green Patch” has already saved 133 square feet of rain forest through ad revenue, and the Humane Society’s app helped spur $60,000 in donations for their annual “Spay Day.”

The plus side is obviously that users can donate without actually having to part with any of their own money. The downside is how over saturated the market is with these kind of apps.

Even if they’re not bringing in huge revenue the Nature Conservancy is pleased with what these apps do bring in, and with the potential for bringing in potential donors later in life.

…the conservancy is less concerned with raising big bucks than with planting seeds for future support from the younger generation active on social networks.

“It’s really a great branding tool,” Citro said. “It’s helping spread the word, educating people about our organization and its mission.”


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