ABC Joining NBC, Fox on Hulu

May 1, 2009

The Walt Disney Co. is joining fellow multimedia giants NBC Universal and News Corp. as stakeholders and providers of content to the growing TV Web site. Disney is promising to distribute a host of programming via the service, including such ABC staples as Lost, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty.


Time Warner Cable testing caps on bandwidth

April 14, 2009

Time Warner Cable is testing bandwidth caps on four areas in the country, provoking angry mobs with digital torches and pitchforks at its front gate. The company has three tiers of service, varying from a 768Kbps connection with a 5GB cap for $29.95 a month to a 15MBps connection with a 40 GB cap for $54.90.

AT&T and Comcast both announced bandwidth caps last year.

An advocacy group is petitioning Congress to look into the caps to decide if they are justifiable.

Multi-Platform Entertainment Service to Launch This Year

February 3, 2009

According to Business Wire, Studio 3 Networks have announced the launch of a new next-generation entertainment service, “epix.” The New York Times reports that while the service will be available online in May, it currently lacks cable and satellite distribution. It could pose a threat to other premium channels, offering films sooner after theatrical release as well as having exclusive access to movies released by Paramount since January 2008 (the studio’s deal with Showtime ended the previous year) and those by MGM, United Artists and Lionsgate from the start of this year.