The Pirate Bay Sold For $7.8 Million

June 30, 2009

Global Gaming Factory X AB acquired The Pirate Bay for $7.8 million. I wonder what this will do to the political party…


Pope Benedict Launches Facebook and iPhone Apps

May 22, 2009

Obama— the technology president— has a rival in the world leader realm. Pope Benedict has hit social media with a God-like fury.

Colbert’s Politics

April 29, 2009

The Huffington Post reports on a study that claims viewers of the Colbert Report tend to believe that the host holds something remarkably similar to his or her own political views.

Maybe we’ve cracked the code as to Colbert’s sucess. Each viewer see in him exactly the political views he wants to see.

Microsoft Vine = Emergency Twitter?

April 28, 2009

Mashable – Microsoft has an early beta of a new product called Vine. Currently available for beta testers in Seattle, it’s a location-aware social networking application focused on being a robust means of local communication that’ll work even in times of emergency.

It’s a desktop client (available for Windows only), and you can also post to it via e-mail or SMS. It gathers local news from 20,000 sources and displays it on a map. It lets you post alerts (short messages) and reports (longer posts). Finally, it integrates with Facebook(Facebook reviews), while Twitter(Twitter reviews) integration will be added at a later date.

Marathon Runners Tweet Their Way to the Finish Line

April 28, 2009

Two London marathon runners documented their cardiovascular treks in real-time, and they didn’t need a camera crew to follow them.

CNN news producer Peter Wilkinson and Latitude Group CEO Alex Hoye stood out among 35,000 runners at Sunday’s London Marathon — in the digital world, at least, where they tweeted their progress with their cellphones.

“To you’se enjoying marathon w/ a beer, a) chers! b) cam u shield your beverage as I pass for 9 more mls? Mi 17,” tweeted Hoye with his iPhone.

Facebook to allow apps

April 28, 2009

Webmonkey – The Facebook stream is now wide open for developers.

The social networking site has launched its new Facebook Open Stream API, a set of tools developers can use to build apps that let users read, interact with and write to their Facebook stream. The company announced the arrival of the new API, which uses the emerging Activity Streams standard, in a blog post Monday morning.

Update: Also on Monday, the company announced it will soon offer support for OpenID logins.

The Facebook “stream” is the constantly updating river of news that displays what’s going on with you, your friends and whatever tidbits they’re talking about or sharing. Facebook defines the stream as the “the core Facebook product experience.” That’s definitely been the case since last month, when the site changed its default page design to bring the stream front and center.

New York Television Festival showcases new scripts to Fox

April 27, 2009

For any aspiring comedy writers out there who want exposure read this story from Broadcasting and Cable.

Fox is sponsoring a contest held by the New York Television Festival with a prize of $25,000 and a developmental deal with Fox. Aspiring comedy writers can submit scripts directly to the New York Television Festival where a panel will narrow the scripts down to the top 25. From there Fox and Proctor and Gamble Productions will select a winner. Although the winner is guaranteed a deal, Fox will also look at other finalists with the possibility of entering development talks with them.